Let’s hug (them all)

This programme takes place in the form of group workshops with children living in three branches of Children´s Home Zagreb: Laduč, A. G. Matoš and Nazorova; two children´s homes run by the monastery Karmelićanke Božanskog Srca Isusova: House of St. Joseph in Hrvatski Leskovac and House of St. Theresa in Zagreb, as well as in the  Psychiatric Hospital for children and young people. The fundamental aims of the programme are to support children and encourag pro-social behaviour through:

  • Fostering positive self-image
  • Recognising and dealing with emotions
  • Teaching assertive, non-violent communication
  • Teaching children about their rights, especially those concerned with participation in their social surroundings.

The programme is run by Brave Phone workers (both managers and volunteers) who, along with experience with helpline work, are given special training to prepare them for work with children, and especially those who have been abused or neglected, or those who have experienced or witnessed violence. The workshop leaders are under constant supervision and always have access to support and supplementary training – for the workshops as well as for Brave Phone´s other projects.