Children’s House Borovje

Children’s House Borovje was included as an example of best practice as one of 14 model programmes in the publication ‘Work Standards in the Support of Children and Young Persons with Behavioural Disorders’, by the State Office for the Protection of Family, Maternity, and Youth, and  the Republic of Croatia’s Government Commission on the Prevention of Behavioural Disorders in Children and Youth. The programme has been evaluated twice over the past five years and has displayed exceptional standards in quality assurance.

The initiative aims to provide services to children in the socially disadvantaged local community of Borovje. Its purpose is to prevent unacceptable behaviour in children and to strengthen their resources with respect to protection against violence and abuse. The program provides engaging, motivational, and creative activities for children aged 4-18, and is led by specially educated and supervised volunteers.


Preventive workshops in a wide variety of areas of interest for children, including: foreign languages, dance, computers, art, literature, design, research, etc. All activities are founded on basic principles that aim to prevent unacceptable forms of behaviour in children and youth, and to protect them from all kinds of violence and maltreatment.

Individual and group study help consisting of teaching learning techniques and study methods for different subjects, always placing emphasis on promoting and encouraging self-esteem and confidence in children.

Speech practice involving individual work with children who have difficulties with speaking, writing, and pronunciation.

Social-Creative Workshops which are held during school breaks and make use of elements found in our other regularly scheduled preventive workshops.