A problem shared is a problem halved

In May 2016, we commenced a repeat implementation of the project ˝A problem shared is a problem halved˝. Workshops for schoolchildren were held in primary shools around Croatia in May and June. The aim of the workshops was to educate children about their rights and to inform them about the opportunity to receive free and anonymous support on Brave Phone’s children’s helpline (116 111).

More than 4000 pupils in 43 schools participated in the workshops. They had the opportunity both to call the Brave Phone helpline and to talk to our volunteers about any queries or worries they might have about calling Brave Phone. While we were carrying out the workshops, the number of calls to our helpline grew by 50%, which we consider a great success of our collaboration with the schools; we wish to thank all headteachers, classroom assistants and teachers for their enthusiasm and readiness to participate in this project.

Below are some highlights of the responses we received from classroom assistants and teachers:

˝We thank you for including us in this project and we hope to be included in Brave Phone’s future projects˝

˝They liked the workshop, especially when we all talked together with the volunteers. They were curious and asked lots of questions. They were pleased to know that their problems didn´t have to be too big (like some kind of abuse) for them to call Brave Phone.˝

˝As a school psychologist I support every initiative like this and I recommend to headteachers that they participate. ˝

˝A useful and interesting workshop. The question of how to seek help and from whom was handled in an age-appropriate way that was tailored to the pupils.˝

˝They found calling the helpline interesting and they didn’t know that Brave Phone could also offer support with academic problems and in solving problems with their friends.˝

A list of all the schools that participated in the project can be found here.