Why support us

Brave Phone has been operating for more than 20 years now and currently runs nine programmes: Brave phone for children, Brave Phone for mums and dads, E-counselling, Children´s House Borovje, Encouraging Volunteering, Counselling for parents and children, Safer Surfing, Brave Helpers, and ˝Let´s hug them all˝  – our project in children´s homes. All services are free to their users. We involve volunteers in the implementation of each programme: motivated students, who give their time and enthusiasm to Brave Phone and thus directly improve the lives of children, young people and adults.

Detailed results of the programmes and projects are available in our annual report, in which the following points are worthy of note:

  • On average 150 volunteers  per year are involved in our work.
  • Brave Phone is the second most recognisable organisation amongst the Croatian public (after the Veterans´ Association)
  • The organisation employs experts and has ˝exceptional˝ standards of quality assurance in its services (according to SOKNO´s quality standards for social welfare provision).
  • The organisation collaborates as an equal partner with all the relevant stakeholders involved in the regulation and protection of family rights.