Family Power


The Counselling Centre was opened in 2004 in response to the growing numbers of children and parents in need of social services in their local community. It is open to clients from the city of Zagreb, and provides services in partnership with community social welfare centres.


Individual counselling is designed for children, parents, and other adults concerned about a child, regarding issues of family dynamics, school problems, and difficulties with children’s development (learning difficulties, self-esteem, developing social skills, etc.). Special emphasis is placed on demonstrating healthy and positive attitudes towards children, on learning, and on encouraging and developing appropriate parental skills.

Our school for parents is intended for those who wish to improve their parenting skills and communication with their children. It also gives them the opportunity to share their experiences and information with other parents. The programme is conducted in the form of group work over the course of ten meetings. The groups are formed three times a year and take place during the evening.

A special aspect of our work involves counselling families that have been referred by social work centres, as well as taking referrals for individual counselling and participation in our school for parents for those legally obliged to attend as a measure for family protection.

All services are free of charge.