Benefits to you

Partnership with Brave Phone

We believe in partnership with socially responsible companies or individuals: an equal relationship in which both sides can progress, develop and collaborate to contribute to general social welfare. By supporting the work of Brave phone or by sponsoring a specific programme / service, companies can reap a variety of rewards in marketing, human resources and public relations.


Improving brand reputation and recognition
  • Partnering with Brave Phone NGO means associating your brand with the second most recognised organisation among the general public in Croatia
  • Association with the brand leader organisation in the field of child protection and children’s work in general
  • Association with an organisation that successfully collaborates as an equal partner with all relevant stakeholders involved in the regulation and protection of family rights
  • Association with an organisation that employs experts and which has exceptional standards of quality assurance in its services
  • Association with an organisation which promotes volunteering and thus enriches all areas of life in that it brings new value and allows co-operation within a tight-knit community.
Sales promotion

Products, goods and services that include value-added work for social welfare are better rated by customers; the product will sell better if part of the total cost contributes to the protection of children in Croatia.

Human resorces

Improving work ethic and morale of employees

Including employees in social welfare activities leads them to trust and identify with the company, because they see that it wants to contribute to a safe and stimulating environment for children growing up in Croatia. This makes them more committed and loyal workers.

Team building

Through working in teams on social welfare activities, using the skills and competencies they have acquired in the company, employees meet each other and connect. This creates a sense of community that contributes to better business results.

Training managers

The skills acquired through collaboration with non-governmental organizations can contribute to the organisational skills of managers. Learning about the non-governmental sector, planning partner campaigns, and other activities similar to normal business operations (and yet different) all help to broaden the skills of managers and sensitise them to different social groups who also use your products and services.

Improving company image with regard to caring for employees’ family circumstances

Brave Phone NGO offers its own capacities to its key partners, to ensure socially- and family-sensitive business through lectures to parents, workshops for children, volunteering days at company level, social recognition of the company through the use of the Brave Phone brand, and recognition in all official Brave Phone media.
If your company forms a partnership with Brave Phone, our experts can provide the following services for employees and associates: “Schools for Parents”, lectures for parents, child protection, individual counselling for employee parents, systematic information on accessible and relevant sources of support for parents, and educational materials published by Brave Phone.
Corporate social initiatives in promoting children’s rights, child protection and the prevention of unacceptable behaviour in the challenging phase of adolescence are the key to improving the global image of Croatia in the future.
Caring for employees and investing in their parenting skills and care of their children is the first step to a happy childhood for everyone.

Public Relations

Positive media coverage

Depending on your wishes and the size of the donation, partnership with Brave Phone may include promoting the company and informing of the general public about its socially responsible activity by means of

Brave phone Website

Information on our partners will be featured in a prominent position, specifying the nature of the partnership


Educational materials (when a company makes a specific donation for printing costs) will include the logo and information about the company that made them possible. Brave Phone prints 15,000 copies of educational brochures per year, consisting of 19 types of educational and information materials, and distributes them throughout Croatia.

Organisation banner

Brave Phone’s organisation banner with information on counselling services is published every day in the daily newspapers; it can feature your logo and information about the partnership with your company

The banner will also appear on portals dealing with parenting issues and general information, in order to inform the general public about the established partnership

Special Events

Depending on the nature of the partnership, Brave Phone can participate in organising events to inform the public about the established partnership.

Creating relationships that give the company so-called “licence to operate” in the community

The company gains credibility and recognition in society, and acquires the image of a well-organised firm that is not focused exclusively on profit but also concerned about the community in which it operates.
Corporate partners of Brave Phone participate directly in creating a brighter future for Croatian children. This is the key to achieving corporate social responsibility across the entire community through examples of good practice.

Investing in the community is like any other investment. If it is related to the general business objectives of the company and well implemented, it will not only help the community, but also improve and strengthen the company.