Who are our volunteers

In Croatia, approximately 6% of young people are involved in volunteer work, which is a very low percentage. Given the chronic shortage of professionals working on the problems of abuse and neglect of children, volunteering in this field is extremely important. Brave Phone’s helpline and programme volunteers are students of social and educational subjects (psychology, pedagogy, social work, education, and education and rehabilitation sciences) who are specially trained for group work and provided with regular additional training and supervisory support.

Volunteers are the backbone of Brave Phone. Without their time, knowledge and motivation, Brave Phone would be unable to respond to all the challenges it faces. Volunteers are also indirect beneficiaries of the programme activities they implement. Specifically, through direct work with proramme users they gain experience and enhance knowledge and skills that would not be available to them as part of the ordinary course of university education.

In its work, Brave Phone involves on average 150 volunteers each year. In first 20 years, we educated over 800 volunteers.